Designed to be mixed with water without sacrificing efficiency or evaporation time. The emulsion resulting from the mixture optimizes efficiency, quickly dissolving the ink, removing Arabic gum and paper contaminators on the blankets and rollers. The water and Indukleen mixture reduces VOC. Use only one part of Indukleen to three parts of water.


Extremely powerful, water-miscible, containing de-crystalizing agents that enable the printer to switch colours quickly, such as black to yellow, with a single cleansing. It removes glues and particles embedded in the blankets and rollers, restoring the materials to their original texture. Indufount NSC Fount Solution is a highly concentrated neutral solution for use with conventional and CTP plates. It is a great cleansing product for printers, preventing clogging of the nozzles in the humidification system and is ideal for spray bar operations. It significantly reduces the use of water in the plates, allowing for the use of different concentrations. Stability at pH7.


A concentrated semi-acid fount solution with an excellent ink-water balance. The Indu Web Fount 6300 solution has a high PH stability and will not be modified by the other elements involved in the printing process. It improves the curve performance and ink-water balance, enabling the printer to use less water in the plate and obtain excellent colour reproduction. Indufive Star is a concentrated fount solution formulated to achieve top quality printing.


It surpasses many of the quality-reducing variables and ensures good drying time in doing so. The difference in quality is clearly evident. Every type of performance-enhancing material has been added to its formula. It opens the small dots in shadow screening, improves drying and allows ink to be distributed more evenly over the substrate. Indufive Star is so concentrated that only between ¼ and ¾ of an ounce is required per gallon of water. With a lower pH, it remains more active and lasts eight times more than its counterparts.


Durable, flexible, ideal for changing colours. In various colours to avoid ink contamination. LMP 0906 Degreaser is a mixture of anionic and cationic surfactants that flocculate dirt produced by fats, oils and inks. Easily applicable dosage, depending on the cleaning requirements. Stain and rust proof, it will not affect the machinery paint. It contains no solvents or petroleum by-products.