“....I confirm that the inks supplied by Grupo It Industintas supplier have good performance; they are prompt with deliveries; I bear witness of post sales service by their technical and commercial team, therefore they are a reliable provider and…”



“....It has been more than 30 years that we have been using inks manufactured by Grupo It Industintas; Demonstrating excellent results in terms of quality, throughput and, performance; and also complying with international standard ISO 12647-3 parameters…”


“....For eight years we have been working with Group It Industintas; the quality and performance of their inks are satisfactory. It is worth mentioning the importance of the permanent post sales service…”


“....For more than 8 years we have worked as a supplier to Grupo It Industintas; from which we have received a high technical quality product that has matched our printing parameters. Their commercial team is always attentive to meet our requirements and demands…”


“....The inks manufactured by Grupo It Industintas are excellent in terms of quality, throughput and, performance throughout the printing of our daily newspapers, their orders have been dispatched within the agreed deadline with excellent documentation and logistics…”


““....Our daily newspaper El Universal extends its gratitude to the Grupo It Industintas staff. The excellent quality of service has resulted in a perfect delivery of the ink to our plant. We highlight the great willingness, commitment and dedication that is invested directly on your clients…””


“....the inks manufactured by Group It Industintas are of excellent quality, performance and consistency and fully comply with the international standards ISO - 12647-3. Furthermore, the company has had a remarkable performance in deliveries and logistics…”


“....We maintain business relations with Group It Industintas since 1998. They distinguish themselves for being a serious, responsible, good quality products and a great service provider…”


"For the Last 3 years we have been working with the Grupo Industintas. Getting from them the best attention with regard to the quality of their products and, customer service. Our customers recognize the quality of their work and consider Industintas for being responsible for this recognition"



Taking into account the printing of various products made by the program for the graphic industry and related PIGA of the SENA regional Valle we declare that the performance of the Advantage lines colors CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and, BLACK reference is excellent given that machine throughput allows us to print with very good results, keeping tone and drying in an efficient manner. 

Therefore, the specialty instructors consider that products made by Industintas for the process of offset printing on sheetfed machines, are of excellent quality."