In every one of our actions we pursue protection and preservation through the continuous improvement of products and processes, highlighting the following actions in order to improve our environmental performance:

  • The passion and commitment of our staff, which can be evidenced in a responsible act that has a positive impact on the surrounding community through the creation of an ecological group that participates in activities that benefit the environment in the region.

  • Bioclimatic Plant architectural design. Surrounded by pleasant gardens, a lake and water mirrors which purpose is the storage of rainfall water for ornamental use and irrigation of exteriors, which takes advantage of the regional weather to reduce energy consumption by the use of air conditioners and artificial lighting, along with the design of the production processes especially tailored for the protection and preservation of the environment.

  • Design and development of environmentally friendly inks. Planet lnk IT ® is the only ink in the market made 100% from renewable raw materials and its use by the final customer reduces the consumption of paper and source solution thus contributing to the reduction of waste pollution.

  • Returnable packaging constitutes an alternative that substantially reduces the generation of contaminated solid waste once the product has been used by the customer, which not only generates economic benefits, but also reduces the impact on soil and air which is generated in the product management for the treatment or disposal of contaminated packing material.