SOININ, art, decoration and engineering solutions was established in 2014 in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia, joining three companies with over 50 years in the market and experience in materials engineering.

In view of the pollution caused by the excessive use of materials like wood and plastic, a project was designed in which such products are used, on condition that the final product not only adds value and quality but actually protects the environment as well.

SOININ WPC composite wood was thus created We are now ready to offer builders and architects an alternative of high quality and beauty, with the assurance that this product is backed by a group with many years of experience; a team that is determined to do its bit to protect the environment.

SOININ has developed a formula that is not only high performance but also ECO-FRIENDLY, as up to 40% recycled fibers and polymers are used in its line of products. WPC, COMPOSITE WOOD "The wood of the future"