At the beginning of May during two days of work, and again with great assistance, the traditional Annual Meeting was held.

AThe Herald of Barranquilla, host newspaper prepared an excellent reception to the attendees and a visit to its Production Plant.

Grupo IT Industintas offered a successful talk that we call "Your talents transform the world", under this theme we put to dance and to pass a different and innovative moment to all the attendees.


This 2016 ANDIARIOS the sultana of the valley where his host was the newspaper El País was taken; In this important event about 60 people between managers and production managers participated; within the planned activities was a tour of the plant in the country and sought technical talks to share knowledge among attendees.

At the end of the first day of committee, Group I.T. Industintas offered a cocktail on the occasion of his birthday number 58, where the guests could see our facilities and the growth of its production capacity to meet market demand.

We appreciate the active participation of our host, the participants and the team that made possible the realization of this important event successfully.



ANDIARIOS is a non-profit organization established in 1961 with 53 national newspapers affiliated, including our organization, which strives to occupy the first place in Colombia.

Last April and with great success, Group IT participated actively in the annual technical meeting of ANDIARIOS, an event that gathered the assistance of our main customers and competitors. In this event, cooperation agreements that included sharing technical information and quality printing, as well as detailed information with regards to inputs such as paper and ink and, aspects of sustainability and environmentally friendly operation were envisaged.

The Colombian market for this sector is highly competitive, given that there are 7 ink suppliers offering their products. Quality, stability, service and price, are aspects to take care of on a daily basis by each one of the positions held at Industintas.


In 2013 at the city of Medellin, the annual technical meeting of Andiarios was held. An event where all heads and production managers of the Colombian newspaper industry meet every year. This time our company actively participated in a lecture by our environmental expert Ángela María Torres, on the topic “environmental management beyond regulations”. This got us a big congratulation from our clients not only because of the positive outcome of the lecture but also due to our outstanding participation in the event. We were able to demonstrate that we make the difference. We are creative and innovative. All of which allowed us to strengthen ties with all our customers.

A thousand Thanks to the entire team that participated and made it once again possible for us to score.

Our commitment to being innovative and search for differential value continues.